Over half of the jobs available in the world are so-called “blue-collar” jobs. These jobs are manual labour based or special skill-based. Unfortunately, there is no major career platform or community for these working-class people. According to the JOLTS – Bureau of Labour Statistics survey, There are 6.66 million open jobs in the US by June 2018, the majority of those are blue-collar jobs. But there are not enough people to fill up those jobs. The nature of recruiting, lack of proper platform, community and shift of interest to white-collar jobs are the core reasons for the problem. This problem is only increasing with time. Automation is taking over some of those. At the same time, those automation only can cover heavy industries. Small and medium businesses still facing a major labour shortage.


The core challenge to create a platform that can solve this labour shortage problem is the personalization of the platform. Working-class people do use technology. They do have multiple small offline communities based on their trade. But there’s no trade based community or career platform available that understands how this workforce uses technology or their way of communication. Almost all of those people use mobile devices as the primary device of access to the internet. So, the solution has to be a complete mobile device-based platform. The platform also needs to be focused on their trade or industry. Existing solutions like LinkedIn, are irrelevant at a certain point as those are the platform highly focused on college degrees or so- called white-collar jobs, making things over complicated for the other half.


While developing, we addressed the core issues first. Tradester has to be a mobile first based social platform where people can connect or gather information with their preferred industry without creating information overflow, as Facebook does. To achieve these, we used WordPress & BuddyPress as the platform’s core and interfaced with android and ios native applications. The central data point of the platform is the user’s industry, based on which; all other information gets filtered and customized (personalization). There are job board, company page, project management, geo-fence based time tracker and other modules which are commonly used in the field. Those are integrated with the core system with interactive mobile-first UI.